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Louisiana Personal Injury Lawyer

Attorney Steve LeBlanc − Over 40 Years of Experience
Legal problems in one area of the law often impact multiple areas of a person’s life: owning a business can affect a will; a contentious divorce may result in a restraining order or criminal charge of domestic violence.
At the law office of Steve LeBlanc, Ltd., we pride ourselves on being able to solve related legal problems without having to refer clients to other attorneys. Not only does this help our clients save money, it also means fewer complications and less worry for them. Our founding attorney is highly accomplished, good-natured and skilled. He is ready to listen to your needs and help you accomplish your goals.

To discuss your situation with an experienced Baton Rouge lawyer, contact our Louisiana law firm or call us at (225) 769-5311.

Our Areas of Practice
A self-described “nice guy who likes to help clients and their families,” attorney Steve LeBlanc provides skilled representation in the courtroom and sound advice outside of court. We advise and represent clients in the following areas of law:

  • Family law : We encourage amicable divorce, and fair community property division and spousal support/alimony. We also deal with child custody and child support matters.
  • Criminal Defense: Baton Rouge criminal defense lawyer Steve LeBlanc defends clients accused of drug crimes, DUI/drunk driving, violent crimes, sex crimes and white collar crimes.
  • Personal Injury : Clients rely on the aggressive representation of Baton Rouge personal injury attorney Steve LeBlanc when they have been injured in a car accident, truck accident or motorcycle accident.
  • Wills and Succession : We represent family members and heirs in transferring property and assets of an estate.
  • Social Security Disability and SSI : We prepare paperwork and gather medical information for people applying for Social Security Disability benefits. We have the resources and knowledge needed to handle appeals if your application is, or has already been, denied.
  • Civil Litigation: We work with clients involved in a consumer dispute, those with landlord-tenant issues and eviction matters, as well as liens’ issues.
  • Business and Corporations: We help businesses with business formation matters including obtaining federal ID numbers and state tax numbers.

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