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Facing drug charges for heroin?

Heroin in still the drug of choice for many Louisiana residents. While that may be, it is still an illegal drug according to state and federal laws. Selling or possessing this drug are felony offenses with hefty consequences. Anyone facing drug charges for heroin can help themselves by seeking legal assistance as soon as possible. 

Marijuana-related drug charges can carry stiff penalties

Several states have decided to legalize marijuana for either medical or recreational use. There are others who are working toward decriminalizing the possession of this drug. Then there is Louisiana. Generally speaking marijuana possession, sales and trafficking are all still crimes in this state. Anyone facing marijuana-related drug charges could be dealing with significant penalties if convicted. 

Facing drug charges?

Did police pick you up for some type of drug crime? In Louisiana, the penalties that accompany convictions on drug charges can be pretty steep. If you are facing a drug charge, how you fight it in court could make or break your case.

Louisiana drug charges: cocaine

Louisiana, to many, is known as a party state -- think Mardi Gras. While the state may be lenient on some things, when it comes to being accused of cocaine-related drug charges, don't expect much leniency. The cocaine problem in the state is significant, and it is one that lawmakers and law enforcement officials would like to get under control.

Veteran DEA agent arrested on drug charges

A DEA agent with years of experience under his belt is proclaiming his innocence against allegations that he participated in the very crimes that he was investigating. The veteran agent was arrested in Louisiana on a number of claims, including drug charges, perjury and stealing thousands of dollars out of evidence. He faces 10 counts in all, although many of his co-workers have had their charges reduced or dropped in exchange for cooperating with the investigation against him.

Three people arrested on drug charges in Louisiana

According to the police, a woman and two men have been arrested in the state after a tip was sent in. The three are facing drug charges after a tip was given to detective about possible drug sales in Louisiana. The two men are 55 and 57 years old, and the woman is 41, according to the report.

Louisiana murder suspect held on drug charges

A 23-year-old man is being held in custody while police continue to gather evidence in a murder case in which the man is a suspect. The Louisiana resident is being held on drug charges as police investigate what they believe was a racially motivated murder of two black men. A Baton Rouge police sergeant  said the suspect is linked to the murders by gun shell casings found at the scene. The suspect's vehicle also allegedly matches a description of one spotted at the murder scenes, which happened about five miles apart.

Couple facing drug charges after passing out in hospital room

After passing out in her husband's hospital room, one woman has been arrested and the husband will be as well once he is released. The 34-year-old woman was allegedly found in her husband's room with a hypodermic needle stuck in her arm and a tourniquet wrapped around it. Several drugs were said to have been found in the room as well. Both the husband and wife will be facing drug charges in Louisiana.

Several arrested on charges of drug possession

According to a recent report, several arrests were made in the state after a tip came into the narcotics unit. The tip claimed that a lot of drugs were being taken into a Louisiana residence, and the narcotics unit was dispatched. Those arrested were charged with drug possession and other crimes.

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