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Misdemeanor hazing gaining national attention

With school in session just over a month, Louisiana parents may be concerned about their children fitting in and making friends, especially if they have gone off to college. One way in which some college students find companionship is through sororities and fraternities. However, recent events at universities across the country have brought attention to the dangers of hazing. While considered a misdemeanor in many situations, hazing can lead to more serious consequences.

Louisiana woman faces misdemeanor charges for DUI and more

A 22-year-old woman recently flipped her vehicle upside down in an intersection. She was cited for several misdemeanor charges after police found her sitting on the ground by the car, surrounded by onlookers. Upon arrival, the officer checked the woman over for injuries and made sure that she was alone in her vehicle in the Louisiana intersection.

Misdemeanor charges filed in large puppy mill case

Officials in Jefferson Parish seized 72 dogs during an ongoing investigation of animal cruelty within an alleged puppy mill. The animals were found in two different houses where American bully dogs were being sold. There are six defendants in the case, all facing dozens of misdemeanor charges. Purportedly, the accused sell these puppies from Jefferson Parish, Louisiana.

Misdemeanor ordinance causes drop in marijuana arrests

A recent ordinance has resulted in a drop in the number of arrests made for possession of marijuana in the state. Those who are caught with a misdemeanor amount of the drug in New Orleans, Louisiana, can now be given citations and fines instead of facing time in jail. Since the ordinance was passed last summer, the NOPD has issued an average of four citations daily.

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