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Ngerengere Louisiana Attorney Steve LeBlanc – Over 40 Years of Experience
Determining child custody and child support arrangements can be the most difficult steps in a divorce or break up. Baton Rouge, Louisiana family law attorney Steve LeBlanc understands that your children matter to you. He has protected his clients’ interests in family law issues since 1973.

To speak to an experienced Louisiana attorney about child support or child custody issues, contact Steve LeBlanc at cubistically (225) 769-5311.

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Louisiana child custody attorney Steve LeBlanc helps parents work through important custody decisions, including deciding:

  • Where the child is going to live (physical custody)
  • Who will make schooling, health care and other major decisions for the child (legal custody)
  • What to do when one parent wishes to move away with or without the child (parental relocation)
  • Parenting time/visitation

When both parents are able to agree on custody arrangements, you save time and money. You also save your children from the emotional distress they might feel if you fight over your time with them. At Steve LeBlanc, Ltd., we help our clients negotiate a fair child custody agreement outside of court. We think creatively to come up with a solution that is in your child’s best interests and supports your goals. If child custody negotiations do not work, we will protect your interests in court.

Louisiana Child Support

When one parent has physical custody of the child (“custodial parent”), the other parent (“noncustodial parent”) is usually asked to pay child support. Sometimes, the parties agree on an appropriate amount. Usually though, child support is determined by Louisiana’s child support guidelines, or “Income Shares Model”. These guidelines take into account each parent’s gross income and many other factors to determine an appropriate child support amount.

Louisiana child support lawyer Steve LeBlanc represents mothers and fathers in child support establishment, enforcement and modification proceedings:

  • Child support establishment: After a divorce or the birth of a child, parents and/or the court establish temporary or permanent child support.
  • Paternity: Sometimes, a paternity test is required to determine who the child’s father is for support purposes.
  • Child support enforcement: The Support Enforcement Services (SES) branch of the Louisiana Department of Social Services monitors child support payments and goes after delinquent child support payers. Our law firm represents defendants in child support enforcement cases in Juvenile or Family Court.
  • Child support modification: When a significant change occurs – such as a change in employment or the child’s primary home – the affected parent can bring a request for child support modification. We help parents defend against or bring motions to modify child support.

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