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How does Louisiana treat an ID theft charge?

Identity theft comes in so many different forms these days. The schemes to take others' identities keep evolving, and some are actually quite complex. With the damage identity theft does to its victims, the state of Louisiana has taken a tough stance on this type of crime. Anyone facing an ID theft charge could face serious consequences if prosecuting attorneys are able to achieve a conviction. 

What is embezzlement and what are the consequences?

With every type of criminal case, there are certain elements that must exist in order for a prosecuting attorney to prove a particular case and obtain a conviction. This week's column will go over the ins and out of embezzlement -- a very common in crime in Louisiana and elsewhere. It will also address the elements needed in order for one to be convicted.

Louisiana man facing sales tax fraud charge

A business owner has been arrested on suspicion of tax evasion. The Louisiana cash register salesman is charged with failure to pay over $100,000 in sales tax. The fraud charge can come with serious penalties for this person should a conviction result. While prosecutors get ready to present their case in court, the businessman is likely contemplating his options for criminal defense. 

Louisiana woman facing 88 counts of fraud charge

A 45-year-old woman is being accused of taking money, using a ministry that she founded. According to the sheriff's office, the woman allegedly committed 88 counts of fraud, giving her a bond of $250,000. She has been arrested on the fraud charge in Louisiana.

Purse snatchers face ID theft charge and more

Four people have been arrested and charged with several different crimes in a series of purse snatchings that have occurred in one city. Along being charged with the act of grabbing the pocketbooks of several women, these people also face theft, unauthorized use of an access card, theft from an aged person, and an ID theft charge. The four suspects are accused of committing these crimes in Louisiana shopping centers and stores.

Man facing fraud charge allegedly sold over 400 illegal licenses

Police say that they have arrested a man for selling over 400 illegal drivers' licenses. The man allegedly sold the documents from two separate locations of a notary and title company in Louisiana. He was booked on 420 counts of filing false public records and another 420 counts of fraud by computer. He could face up to five years in prison for every single fraud charge and every filing of false public records charge.

Louisiana contractor facing 2nd fraud charge

A contractor is looking at her second charge of residential contractor fraud after being arrested after being placed on Crime Stoppers. She had allegedly been hiding from police but surrendered after discovering herself on the list. She turned herself in to Louisiana authorities on May 8 regarding the fraud charge

Louisiana contractor faces fraud charge for unpaid contractors

A home improvement project often involves a great deal of effort and time coordinating between different people to complete a job. As a result, many people in Louisiana seek help from a contractor. Even a professional could make a mistake when it comes to ensuring that all people contracted to complete a job are paid. Unfortunately, one contractor was recently arrested and now faces a fraud charge.

McDonald's employee stole debit card, faces ID theft charge

Identity theft is becoming more common in Louisiana and other states. Just recently, a woman who was working at a McDonald's drive-through was accused of stealing a customer's debit card information and using it to swipe the customer's identity. The 31-year-old allegedly used the debit card information to make purchases for herself. She now faces an ID theft charge and three counts of transferring money illegally.

Federal fraud charge results in conviction

A 55-year old former investment adviser recently pleaded guilty to defrauding clients of up to $9.5 million. His plea was entered for charges of mail fraud and identity theft. The fraud charge was part of a criminal proceeding before a federal court sitting in Louisiana. Often such charges come after a lengthy investigation into the alleged activities of the accused.

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