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Louisiana criminal defense: Man accused of assaulting 2 officers

Police in Louisiana arrested a man who allegedly assaulted two of their own. This incident is said to have taken place near the end of November in Jefferson Parish. The accused is now facing serious charges and deserves the best criminal defense available to him.

A felony charge may follow a hit and run

When an auto accident happens, the driver deemed responsible is required to stop. This is according to the laws of Louisiana. However, not everyone does stop. Their reasons are their own, but failing to remain at the scene makes it a hit-and-run situation. This can result in a felony charge.

Violent crimes: Overdose death leads to murder charge

When a person is suspected of a crime, there must be sufficient evidence to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt in order to obtain a conviction. The burden of proof in criminal cases is purposefully set high to help prevent wrongful convictions. Because of violent crimes accusations involving an overdose death in Louisiana, the woman accused is likely wondering about the evidence supporting the charges against her.

Police: Felony charge says man had wife kidnapped and abused

There appears to be an increase of cases of marital disaffection so fierce that some spouses turn to hit men to murder or abuse, torture and/or blackmail their estranged spouses. Authorities recently arrested a Louisiana man and charged him with conspiracy to commit second-degree kidnapping, and a felony charge consisting of violating a protective order to not harm his wife. Police accuse him of hiring two criminals to storm into his wife's home, put a black bag over her head and kidnap her in the back of a van.

Wanted man arrested on more than one felony charge

A wanted man was detained in the state by police officers during a traffic stop this month. Police from Ponchatoula, Louisiana, attempted to arrest the man at his residence the day before, but he ran from them at that time. He was wanted on more than one felony charge by state police and parole officers.

13 football players' felony charge reduced, could be dropped

Thirteen football players were relieved to learn that the criminal charges against them would be reduced and could possibly be dropped. Each of the University of Louisiana players had a felony charge reduced to a misdemeanor. The charges were lowered to criminal mischief from conspiracy to commit felony theft. The players have agreed to enter a pre-trial diversion program.

Is forgery a federal offense?

Many actions are classified as forgery, and you may not realize you are committing forgery or anything as serious as a white collar crime. If you are responsible for creating, altering or completing a transaction using writing to represent something it is not, and it is an effort to gain something through the false representation, you are likely guilty of forgery.

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