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Louisiana criminal defense: Failed field sobriety testing

Louisiana residents who have been pulled over for suspected drunk driving have likely been asked to perform standard field sobriety testing. This is common practice. Those who fail these tests may find themselves facing criminal charges and in need of a criminal defense.

Louisiana criminal defense: Woman arrested for severe assault

Police in Louisiana recently arrested a woman that they believe viciously assaulted a man during a robbery. The alleged incident is said to have occurred in the early morning hours of Feb. 17. The accusations filed against the accused are quite severe. She would likely benefit from the services of an experienced criminal defense attorney as she works her way through the criminal court system.

Louisiana criminal defense: Mother charged with child desertion

A typical night at a Louisiana casino ended with police arresting one of its patrons. On Thursday, Feb. 1, police were called to the casino/hotel after security discovered a child alone in a hotel room. The child's mother was located and is now facing criminal charges, and may even lose her parental privileges. With so much on the line, an experienced criminal defense attorney may be able to help her as she fights for the best outcome possible.

Louisiana criminal defense: Police looking for armed robber

Police in Louisiana are looking for the man who allegedly robbed a Chase bank in Baton Rouge. When caught, this individual will face a number of serious charges, all that carry significant consequences if he is convicted. The criminal defense offered will make or break his case.

Louisiana criminal defense: Domestic dispute leads to arrest

Police in Louisiana have arrested a man following a domestic dispute. This individual is accused of trying to run over his dating partner and her children with is car -- among other actions. With the severity of the charges filed against him, how his criminal defense is presented could make or break his case.

Louisiana criminal defense: Brandishing a firearm

The ability to carry a concealed weapon is a right offered to those who go through the process of obtaining the proper permit. While having this permit allows them to bring their weapons virtually anywhere, it does not give them the right to show off their gun or use it to threaten others. Many good and responsible gun owners in the state of Louisiana may find themselves in need of a criminal defense if they do not abide by the conceal carry laws.

Baton Rouge violent crimes: Man arrested after fight

Police in Baton Rouge were called to break up a fight that started on Christmas Eve on Bluewater Drive. One person was ultimately arrested and is now facing attempted murder, weapons, and property damage charges. Violent crimes of this nature are not treated lightly in criminal court. As such, the accused deserves the best criminal defense available to him.

Louisiana criminal defense: Man accused of assaulting 2 officers

Police in Louisiana arrested a man who allegedly assaulted two of their own. This incident is said to have taken place near the end of November in Jefferson Parish. The accused is now facing serious charges and deserves the best criminal defense available to him.

A felony charge may follow a hit and run

When an auto accident happens, the driver deemed responsible is required to stop. This is according to the laws of Louisiana. However, not everyone does stop. Their reasons are their own, but failing to remain at the scene makes it a hit-and-run situation. This can result in a felony charge.

Violent crimes: Overdose death leads to murder charge

When a person is suspected of a crime, there must be sufficient evidence to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt in order to obtain a conviction. The burden of proof in criminal cases is purposefully set high to help prevent wrongful convictions. Because of violent crimes accusations involving an overdose death in Louisiana, the woman accused is likely wondering about the evidence supporting the charges against her.

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