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Can police arrest someone with a BAC less than 0.08 percent?

Blood alcohol content is the metric used by police to determine if a person who has consumed alcohol is a danger on the road. Most states, including Louisiana, have set this limit at 0.08 percent. Although there are a variety of factors that impact a person's BAC, most people will be over the limit after consuming three or four drinks in an evening. 

Why women may have more of an uphill climb with DUI/DWI charges

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that law enforcement arrests about 1.5 million people yearly for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. To put the number in more perspective, it translates to one out of every 121 drivers with licenses.

How to get your finances in order for divorce

Before you rush to file your divorce paperwork in Baton Rouge, take some time to think about your financial situation. You may think you have nothing to worry about because you and your partner both agree it is best for your situation, but divorces often have a way of becoming complicated. Things may change the moment you submit your paperwork to the courts. 

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