Criminal defense: Child shoots child, who is responsible?

At the end of April in Louisiana, it was reported that toddler shot his older brother. This is something that happens more often than anyone would like to admit. When it does, law enforcement officials want to know what happened, why, and who is responsible. In this case, the individual who may need a criminal defense attorney to help him through this matter is the boys' father. 

According to news reports, the two boys -- ages 2 and 8 -- were waiting in their father's car. While unattended, the 2-year-old found a loaded firearm, picked it up and accidentally shot his brother. The bullet went into the child's arm. He was rushed to a medical facility for care. Thankfully, the injuries suffered are not life-threatening. 

Police are still in the process of investigating this incident. It is unclear if any criminal charges have been filed against the boys' father. If they are, this family's life could be totally turned upside down -- more so than it already has. 

Every year, in Louisiana and across the country, numerous children are hurt or lose their lives in incidents like this one. The adults who own the firearms are the ones deemed legally responsible. If charged for this incident, the boys' father could face jail time, have to pay fines and could even lose his parental rights if he is ultimately convicted. With so much on the line, the next steps this gentleman takes are vitally important. A criminal defense attorney can help him fight any charges that end up coming his way. 

Source:, "Toddler accidentally shoots 8-year-old brother in Baton Rouge", April 25, 2018

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