Busting 3 motorcycle myths

With winter in the rearview mirror, you may be ready to dust off your motorcycle and take advantage of the beautiful spring weather. Maybe you simply want to ride your motorcycle around town more often or you are planning a longer trip. Whatever the case is, you will want to be careful that you do not catch drivers off-guard.

There is a lot of conventional wisdom about motorcycle safety that is simply wrong. If you believe these myths, you may have a higher chance of getting in a motor vehicle crash. Here are some of the prevalent myths about motorcycle safety you should ignore.

Myth one: Helmets are restrictive

You may hear that a full-face helmet limits your ability to hear or see hazards around you. This is just plain wrong. Wearing a helmet does not put you more at risk of getting in an accident. In fact, wearing a helmet has numerous benefits besides keeping your head safe in the event of a crash. A full-face helmet also protects you from bugs, wind, debris and rain from flying into your face while riding. 

Myth two: Loud exhaust saves lives

Another common belief is that loud exhaust pipes get the attention of nearby drivers, increasing their awareness of motorcyclists. However, this is not exactly true, especially when drivers are in front of you. The loud sound goes rearward, so it is unlikely that any motorists in front of you will be able to hear you coming from behind. 

Myth three: Drivers will notice you

You may assume that motorists will notice you. While it is nice to assume that drivers are alert and aware, this is not always the case. The streets are full of distracted, reckless and drunk drivers. You should always ride defensively and do what you can to increase your visibility, such as wearing reflective gear.

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