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Does a suspected drunk driver have to give a breath sample?

Law enforcement authorities in Louisiana work hard to keep impaired drivers off the road. Those who they suspect of DUI are typically stopped and asked to participate in sobriety testing -- such as the breath test. Does a suspected drunk driver have to give a breath sample or does he or she have the right to refuse?

Facing drug charges?

Did police pick you up for some type of drug crime? In Louisiana, the penalties that accompany convictions on drug charges can be pretty steep. If you are facing a drug charge, how you fight it in court could make or break your case.

Louisiana criminal defense: Mother charged with child desertion

A typical night at a Louisiana casino ended with police arresting one of its patrons. On Thursday, Feb. 1, police were called to the casino/hotel after security discovered a child alone in a hotel room. The child's mother was located and is now facing criminal charges, and may even lose her parental privileges. With so much on the line, an experienced criminal defense attorney may be able to help her as she fights for the best outcome possible.

Drug manufacturing -- a serious crime with serious consequences

Drug crimes of all sorts are treated pretty seriously by the state of Louisiana. There are some, though, that can result in one facing both state and federal consequences. Manufacturing drugs, for instance, is both a state and federal crime with serious penalties attached to it if one is convicted.

Man facing fraud charge in Louisiana

Police in Louisiana recently took a man into custody who they say is responsible for stealing thousands of dollars by cloning credit cards and skimming. He is one of six people believed to be working together in a skimming scheme across the southern part of the state. He is now facing a felony fraud charge that can carry some pretty stiff penalties if he is convicted.

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