Louisiana criminal defense: Brandishing a firearm

The ability to carry a concealed weapon is a right offered to those who go through the process of obtaining the proper permit. While having this permit allows them to bring their weapons virtually anywhere, it does not give them the right to show off their gun or use it to threaten others. Many good and responsible gun owners in the state of Louisiana may find themselves in need of a criminal defense if they do not abide by the conceal carry laws.

Putting a hand on the grip of one's gun or sweeping a shirt back to show off a weapon: These are things often seen on television or in movies. It is a way to intimidate another person. In real life, these actions may be considered threats and could result in one being criminally charged even is the gun was never pulled or fired.

Showing off a firearm in order to intimidate another person is called brandishing a weapon. Other terms for this action include unlawful or defensive display, or improper exhibition of a firearm. Concealed carry laws do not protect a person who does this. The purpose of these laws is to allow one to use his or her weapon to protect him or herself from an attack on one's life.

Louisiana residents who are charged and convicted with brandishing a firearm may face a number of consequences. Some include jail time, fines and the loss of the concealed carry permit -- among others. With so much on the line, the criminal defense presented in court is really going to matter. An experienced attorney can review one's case and help one make an informed decision regarding the best legal course to pursue.

Source:, "What Does Brandishing Mean? And Why You Should Never Do It...", Luke McCoy, Accessed on Jan. 3, 2018

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