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Louisiana criminal defense: Police looking for armed robber

Police in Louisiana are looking for the man who allegedly robbed a Chase bank in Baton Rouge. When caught, this individual will face a number of serious charges, all that carry significant consequences if he is convicted. The criminal defense offered will make or break his case.

Louisiana criminal defense: Domestic dispute leads to arrest

Police in Louisiana have arrested a man following a domestic dispute. This individual is accused of trying to run over his dating partner and her children with is car -- among other actions. With the severity of the charges filed against him, how his criminal defense is presented could make or break his case.

Louisiana drug charges: cocaine

Louisiana, to many, is known as a party state -- think Mardi Gras. While the state may be lenient on some things, when it comes to being accused of cocaine-related drug charges, don't expect much leniency. The cocaine problem in the state is significant, and it is one that lawmakers and law enforcement officials would like to get under control.

Can police arrest someone with a BAC less than 0.08 percent?

Blood alcohol content is the metric used by police to determine if a person who has consumed alcohol is a danger on the road. Most states, including Louisiana, have set this limit at 0.08 percent. Although there are a variety of factors that impact a person's BAC, most people will be over the limit after consuming three or four drinks in an evening. 

Louisiana criminal defense: Brandishing a firearm

The ability to carry a concealed weapon is a right offered to those who go through the process of obtaining the proper permit. While having this permit allows them to bring their weapons virtually anywhere, it does not give them the right to show off their gun or use it to threaten others. Many good and responsible gun owners in the state of Louisiana may find themselves in need of a criminal defense if they do not abide by the conceal carry laws.

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