Misdemeanor hazing gaining national attention

With school in session just over a month, Louisiana parents may be concerned about their children fitting in and making friends, especially if they have gone off to college. One way in which some college students find companionship is through sororities and fraternities. However, recent events at universities across the country have brought attention to the dangers of hazing. While considered a misdemeanor in many situations, hazing can lead to more serious consequences.

No arrests have been made yet in a hazing incident that may have contributed to the death of a freshman at Louisiana State University. However, investigators continue to comb through evidence collected at a fraternity house where the alleged incident took place. Police believe the 18-year-old had been called to the frat house around 10 p.m. the previous night to attend a gathering known as a "bible study" during which pledges were reportedly quizzed about the fraternity and made to drink for each incorrect answer.

Witnesses say the student soon showed signs of significant intoxication, and some of those present helped him to a couch where he fell asleep. In the morning, reports say the student was still unconscious on the couch, and fraternity members realized his pulse was weak. They transported him to the hospital, but doctors pronounced the student dead.

Louisiana investigators are gathering evidence in order to determine whom to charge with misdemeanor hazing. While many consider a misdemeanor to be a minor crime, convictions may still result in severe fines and time in jail. Having a strong criminal defense is crucial for those facing such charges.

Source:, "As LSU fraternity death investigation progresses, hazing, other charges on table, authorities say", Grace Toohey, Oct. 3, 2017

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