Could social media hurt your drug charges defense?

If you are fighting a drug charge (or if you could face a drug charge), it is important to use social media wisely. Unfortunately, even innocent posts are easy to misinterpret and could end up hurting you.

For example, you could have posted a status update joking about getting high. However, authorities or someone in your friends circle might take the update seriously, and it could find its way to prosecutors.


Pictures of celebrities, pro athletes and other famous people doing drugs may have helped “normalize” some aspects of taking drugs. However, even ordinary, everyday people post pictures of themselves and their friends with marijuana joints and shot glasses. Sometimes, the drugs are more serious than marijuana and the photos more revealing than simply smoking joints. No matter how mild or how intense the photo, though, it can hurt you. Be selective about the pictures you post, and adjust your tag settings so you have to approve when you are tagged in a photo. Even better, avoid putting yourself in situations that could be perceived as compromising.

Privacy settings

“But wait,” some might say at this point. “I have Facebook set so that only friends can see my posts.” Beware of a false sense of security. For one thing, you never know who could be taking screenshots of your pictures, videos or updates and sending them to authorities. For another, privacy settings mean little if you accept basically any friend request sent your way.


Social media has the potential to hurt you for any criminal charge, not just drugs. If you could be charged soon or have already been charged, refrain from discussing the situation on social media, even in private messages. Bragging about a night of partying to someone you want to impress romantically might backfire if your message ends up in the wrong hands. Follow your lawyer's advice when it comes to communications with anyone.


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