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Drug charges issued after 20 lbs of marijuana found during stop

Over $4,000 in cash and over 20 pounds of marijuana were allegedly discovered during a recent traffic stop. According to deputies from the Metro Division of Rapides Parish, Louisiana, this led to drug charges being filed against three suspects. The accused were traveling in two separate cars and drew attention to themselves by with a couple of minor traffic infractions.

Purse snatchers face ID theft charge and more

Four people have been arrested and charged with several different crimes in a series of purse snatchings that have occurred in one city. Along being charged with the act of grabbing the pocketbooks of several women, these people also face theft, unauthorized use of an access card, theft from an aged person, and an ID theft charge. The four suspects are accused of committing these crimes in Louisiana shopping centers and stores.

Those convicted on drug charges soon eligible for food stamps

For some offenders, getting back into society after spending time in jail is an uphill battle. Those who have been convicted on drug charges and sentenced to jail are often denied public benefits that would help them to get back on their feet. In Louisiana, for example, drug felons sentenced to prison were once banned from receiving food stamps for a year after their release from custody. According to one criminologist, this ban was a major obstacle for those who were genuinely trying to re-enter the community.

13 football players' felony charge reduced, could be dropped

Thirteen football players were relieved to learn that the criminal charges against them would be reduced and could possibly be dropped. Each of the University of Louisiana players had a felony charge reduced to a misdemeanor. The charges were lowered to criminal mischief from conspiracy to commit felony theft. The players have agreed to enter a pre-trial diversion program.

Misdemeanor ordinance causes drop in marijuana arrests

A recent ordinance has resulted in a drop in the number of arrests made for possession of marijuana in the state. Those who are caught with a misdemeanor amount of the drug in New Orleans, Louisiana, can now be given citations and fines instead of facing time in jail. Since the ordinance was passed last summer, the NOPD has issued an average of four citations daily.

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