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Police say man found lying facedown in ditch was a drunk driver

A Louisiana man is facing charges after being found lying facedown in a ditch. The alleged drunk driver was said to have consumed as many as 20 beers before he crashed his pickup truck. Police say they found the man while responding to a disturbance complaint. His truck was found smashed against a nearby tree.

The deputies at the scene reported that the man was strongly slurring his speech. Apparently, he could not get to his feet without help. They also stated that they could smell alcohol on his breath. It is unclear whether a Breathalyzer was administered at the scene.

Officers claim that the man admitted to drinking several beers before getting into the truck, headed to a different location. He is said to have asked for an ambulance because of lacerations to his face, which he is believed to have suffered when he crashed. It is said that he was unable to complete a field sobriety test.

According to a witness who claimed to have been drinking with the man, the driver had consumed around 20 beers during the night. A DUI search warrant was obtained while the man was being treated at the hospital. A blood sample was also taken.

For those who have been formally accused of being a drunk driver in Louisiana, penalties can be stiff. Building a good criminal defense is always a a key focus when facing such charges. An experienced criminal law attorney can help guide the client in how to proceed before the court. It will be up to prosecutors to prove each and every element of the crime charged, and failing that, no conviction is possible.

Source:, "Man accused of DWI found face down in ditch", Ashley Mott, May 8, 2017

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