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Drunk driver charged in wreck that injured 1-year-old

A man has been charged in a wreck that left his own 1-year-old son injured. The Louisiana father was allegedly drinking and driving in a pickup when he ran a stop sign. A state trooper reportedly witnessed the violation. The trooper also stated that he saw a baby in the front seat of the truck and the father smoking a cigarette. At the time, the trooper was not aware that it could be a drunk driver.

After witnessing an unbuckled baby in the vehicle, the trooper tried to motion for the father to pull over. The father then chose to speed off, according to the report. The trooper gave chase, and the man soon lost control of the pickup truck. The baby was thrown from the truck, which caught fire soon after the crash.

When the trooper reached the scene, the father was allegedly climbing out of the truck, and the baby was spotted about 10 feet away. The trooper's report says that the child was near a fence line, and was coherent and able to talk. The baby was taken to one hospital and then transferred to another. The father has been charged with smoking in a vehicle, which is illegal in the state.

He also faces the charge of being a drunk driver, reckless driving, running a stop sign, failing to restrain a child in a vehicle, DWI-child endangerment and first-degree vehicular negligence. For those who have been arrested on similar charges in Louisiana, an experienced criminal law attorney could help guide him or her through the process of a defense. Anyone facing criminal charges in the state has the right to contact the attorney of their choice in order to receive the best defense possible.

Source:, "1-year-old ejected from truck in Marrero drunk-driving crash: State Police", Michelle Hunter, May 1, 2017

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