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18 indicted for heroin drug trafficking conspiracy

A 39-page federal indictment has been unsealed against 18 different defendants in a case known as "Operation Dirty Bird."  The investigation is said to have been undertaken by federal investigators who were working with state and local law enforcement. Operation Dirty Bird is reported to reference a large scale drug trafficking conspiracy. It is based out of the state of Louisiana.

Cop threatens false DUI charges to sexually exploit women

Although most police officers are good men and women who risk their lives daily to protect and serve the public, there are a few who abuse the power of the badge. In the case of one Louisiana police officer, three plaintiffs were able to prove that abuse took place. Damages were awarded for the case in which an officer threatened to falsely accuse them of DUI if they did not expose themselves to him.

Clearing up questions about medical marijuana in Louisiana

In May 2016, Louisiana passed a law legalizing certain kinds of medical marijuana in narrow circumstances. Since this law has passed, many Louisiana citizens are wondering what the specific distinctions are between possession of legal medical marijuana and a misdemeanor or felony possession charge. Here is an overview of the medical marijuana law, criminal possession laws and what to do if you are charged.

Federal fraud charge results in conviction

A 55-year old former investment adviser recently pleaded guilty to defrauding clients of up to $9.5 million. His plea was entered for charges of mail fraud and identity theft. The fraud charge was part of a criminal proceeding before a federal court sitting in Louisiana. Often such charges come after a lengthy investigation into the alleged activities of the accused.

Louisiana Traffic Stops Ends in DWI Arrest

In all 50 states, traffic laws have become more and more strict in cases of driving under the influence. Some states, such as Louisiana, have even added extra penalties for the amount of blood alcohol in the driver's system at the time of arrest. While most first and second DWI offenses are classified as misdemeanors, anyone who is facing his or her third or higher offense cold be facing a felony and prison time as well. 

What exactly is white collar crime?

When we think of white collar crime, we usually picture executives from a large corporation wearing tailored suits while they're escorted out of the building in handcuffs. While that can often be true, white collar crimee can include any crime that uses deceit to achieve a financial gain. Essentially, the term white collar crime is used to differentiate from common theft or robbery.

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