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Dealing with drug trafficking charges

Drug laws in the United States have become strict as the government continues to try and control the production, transportation and marketing of banned substances. The exact punishment for drug offenses depends on the type and quantity of drug you are caught with. The most common forms include marijuana, cocaine and heroin.

Is forgery a federal offense?

Many actions are classified as forgery, and you may not realize you are committing forgery or anything as serious as a white collar crime. If you are responsible for creating, altering or completing a transaction using writing to represent something it is not, and it is an effort to gain something through the false representation, you are likely guilty of forgery.

How social media can negatively affect you after a drug arrest

If you are like many people, you are active on at least one social media platform. Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram are just four of the most popular. Needless to say, the list is growing, but your love for social media could end up hurting you if you are arrested on suspicion of any crime, including drug crimes.

Money laundering charges and sentencing

The act of moving money around into a specific business in order to conceal the actual source of your money is called money laundering. In most cases, money laundering is done to hide money because it is generated through illegal means. Once the money is laundered, it is used freely without worrying about the government and IRS investigating you for fraud. Money laundering is a very serious offense, and the U.S. government takes it very seriously. The punishment for a defendant found guilty of money laundering is severe and could change your life forever.

Do drug dogs on private property need a warrant?

Dogs have been used in military and law enforcement to detect bombs and drugs for many years. Dogs have excellent sniffing capabilities, allowing them to identify explosives, marijuana and even cadavers. Of course, as police departments used this "technology" to discover illegal activity, the laws had to keep up. The real question about using drug dogs to detect illicit substances is not whether using the dog is legal or not, it is in how the search is conducted.

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