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Misdemeanors: Why you need to take these charges seriously

If you have been charged with a misdemeanor, you might be tempted to think you don't need to be that concerned. After all, a misdemeanor isn't as serious as a felony, right? However, this line of thinking could prove to be a big mistake.

Misdemeanor charges are still criminal charges, meaning there are still penalties if a person is convicted. Further, a misdemeanor could quickly and easily turn into felony charges. For instance, a Louisiana woman was recently charged with a misdemeanor. However, now that police are investigating the original offense, they could find evidence that leads to additional or an escalation of charges.

According to news reports, the woman was a teacher at a private school, but was fired after an incident involving a student. Police state that they found her and the student in a car late one evening. Though nothing indecent was happening at the time police approached them, she was charged with attempted carnal knowledge of a juvenile, which is a misdemeanor.

Police are now investigating the teacher. They are apparently going to be examining her phone as well as the phone of the former student who was with her in the vehicle. If they find evidence of a relationship with the juvenile or indecent pictures of minors, her misdemeanor charge could very quickly become a serious felony sex crime charge.

Even if the charge remains a misdemeanor, there will still be serious repercussions. She already lost her job, and she may not be able to get another job as a teacher in the future. Further, if convicted, she could be fined $1,000 and face six months of incarceration.

If you are facing a misdemeanor charge, it can be critical that you take your defense seriously. While the potential penalties may less serious than they would be for a felony, they can still be severe. Consulting an attorney as soon as possible can help you assess your options and next steps in protecting yourself.

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