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What are manufacturing and cultivation?

There are a host of drug charges that you can face if you are found to be involved in the illegal drug industry. Drug manufacturing and cultivation are some of the charges that you can face. These are serious charges that can lead to time in prison.

What is manufacturing?

Manufacturing occurs when you are making illegal drugs. For example, if you are found to be making methamphetamine or have the items to make it, you are manufacturing methamphetamine. In most cases, you wouldn't be charged with manufacturing based only on having a drug in your possession.

What is cultivating?

Cultivating occurs when you are growing drugs. This crime is most often associated with marijuana. You probably wouldn't be charged with cultivating unless you have the actual plants. Having only seeds probably wouldn't lead to a criminal charge, but if you also had hydroponic equipment, you might be charged with cultivating.

What are some factors that might lead to a charge enhancement?

Enhanced charges, which are more serious charges, can occur if you are found to be manufacturing or cultivating near a school zone. They are also possible if you are near a playground. Generally, enhanced charges can lead to longer prison sentences and higher fines.

If you are facing manufacturing or cultivation charges, you need to study the case against you. Once you know the allegations and points the prosecution plans on using, you can determine how your defense will address those. This is a good starting point for your defense strategy since it allows you to move point-by-point through everything.

Source: FindLaw, "Drug Manufacturing and Cultivation," accessed July 15, 2016

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