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Change of venue decision not yet made in Marksville trial

The nation was rocked to the core when the 6-year-old boy was shot and killed by Marksville marshals. If you recall, the boy and his father were both shot. The father was injured in the incident. One of the marshals who is facing criminal charges for this fatal shooting has petitioned the court for a change of venue under the premise that the parish is so small that nobody in a jury pool wouldn't have a direct or indirect connection to the man.

The man's case for a change of venue also noted that civil lawsuits, media coverage and social media comments also have an impact on his ability to get a fair trial in Avoyelles Parish, especially when you consider the small juror pool. The judge presiding over the case has opted to defer the decision on the matter of the change of venue until the prospective jurors are questioned.

The former marshal is facing one charge of attempted second-degree murder and one charge of second-degree murder. The case, which was set to go to trial in September, has been moved to November upon the agreement of both sides.

Before that trial date, the defense will get to visit the crime scene, which was one of the other petitions that the judge heard in the case. Other petitions that seek the criminal record of witnesses and the mental health history of the defendant were also presented.

This is a complex case that could have a significant impact on the former marshal's life. Anyone who is facing criminal charges might find that he or she needs to present petitions similar to the ones in this case as part of his or her defense strategy.

Source: The Town Talk, "Decision on change of venue in Stafford trial deferred," Melissa Gregory, June 29, 2016

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