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How serious are minor criminal offenses?

If you recall, we discussed some of the Lousiana laws pertaining to shoplifting in our prior blog post. We pointed out that the penalties for shoplifting weren't exactly minor in Louisiana. That brings up an important point -- you should take all criminal charges seriously, even if they don't seem like they are a very big deal.

Shoplifting isn't a simple crime in Louisiana

The theft of goods in Louisiana is a crime that carries some harsh penalties. In fact, there is a possibility that you could face incarceration with hard labor if you are convicted of shoplifting in our state. The exact penalties you will face depend on the value of the merchandise that is involved in the case. The higher the value, the harsher the penalties. In all cases, a defense strategy that casts doubt on the prosecution's case is crucial.

Bill to add cops to parties protected from hate crimes advances

Criminal laws change often to try to keep up with the developments of society. With all of the recent acts of violence that have occurred against police officers, Louisiana legislators are taking action by introducing a bill that would make targeting a police officer with violence a hate crime.

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