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Fight back against Louisiana DUI charges

The party never stops in Louisiana. On any given day, you can head over to Tigerland and similar areas around Baton Rouge to enjoy adult beverages. You might even opt to take advantage of a drive-thru daiquiri shop. All of this opens the door for criminal charges if you are caught drinking and driving. If that happens, you must be ready and willing to present a defense.

Think about how important your reputation is in this area. You likely don't want that reputation to be impacted because you know how hard it is to rebuild. We can help you to learn about the options that you have that might keep your reputation in good standing in the community.

A more important consideration when facing a DUI charge is the loss of your freedom. A DUI in Louisiana can land you behind bars. If you are incarcerated, your family members will likely suffer while you are gone. We know that you don't want to have to deal with all of that simply because you got behind the wheel after drinking.

A DUI conviction can also jeopardize or even cost you your job. That's particularly true if driving is a requirement of your job, such as if you are a bus driver or in the trucking industry. Even getting to and from work can be a problem if your license is suspended.

There are some alternative options that might help you to avoid having to be incarcerated or to reduce jail time and other legal consequences. Participating in victim impact seminars and doing community service are among those possible options. We can help you to learn about what, if any, alternatives may be available to you..

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