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April 2016 Archives

Fines and time in jail are possible for misdemeanors in Louisiana

Facing a misdemeanor charge is a serious criminal matter but not as serious as facing a felony charge. A misdemeanor conviction can lead to you having a criminal record without being labeled as a felon. If you are facing a misdemeanor charge, you should learn about the penalties associated with that particular charge. From there, you can begin to make choices about how we will handle your defense.

Woman has illicit affair with teen that lasts weeks

Sex-related charges in Louisiana require a firm defense because of the possible penalties that can come with a conviction. For people who are facing these charges, there are three primary concerns that are usually present -- protecting their reputation, proving their innocence, and minimizing possible penalties they face. The first step in addressing these concerns is getting your defense against the charges started.

Former Saint slain in road rage incident, important points raised

The news of the traumatic death of former New Orleans Saints player Will Smith has rocked the area. While there are many questions that remain about his death, there is one important point that was raised by his death. That point is that the prevalence of road rage is increasing.

Fight back against Louisiana DUI charges

The party never stops in Louisiana. On any given day, you can head over to Tigerland and similar areas around Baton Rouge to enjoy adult beverages. You might even opt to take advantage of a drive-thru daiquiri shop. All of this opens the door for criminal charges if you are caught drinking and driving. If that happens, you must be ready and willing to present a defense.

Plea bargains might help you to resolve your criminal case

Criminal charges in Louisiana are no laughing matter. Many criminal charges come with the possibility of time in prison. In some cases, that time has the stipulation of involving hard labor. With that in mind, many defendants might choose to explore the option of a plea bargain instead of taking their chances with a jury trial. If you are considering a plea bargain, there are some important factors for you to consider.

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