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White collar criminal charges require addressing complex elements

All criminal charges in Louisiana must be taken seriously because they all carry harsh penalties. If you are facing criminal charges for a white collar crime, you should get to work on your defense right away because these cases often include complex elements that will require time to address.

We know that many white collar crime cases are the result of a person not realizing that he or she was doing something against the law. We also understand that you probably don't want the rest of your life defined by the white collar crime. We can help you learn about your options to fight against these charges. These options can vary greatly from one case to another because of the different elements that vary in cases. It is crucial for you to explore all the options that are available for your case before deciding on one.

There are several types of white collar crimes that a person might face. The common denominator for them all is that they involve allegations relating to money, fraud and similar elements. Tax evasion, identity theft and embezzlement are some examples of white collar crimes. Even money laundering is considered a white collar crime.

In many cases, white collar crimes include financial records and similar elements. For that reason, some people facing these charges might opt to find out if a plea deal is possible. If you are interested in a plea deal, we can explore that option for you. If you don't want a plea deal or one isn't available in your case, we will work to get your case ready for trial.

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