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February 2016 Archives

White collar criminal charges require addressing complex elements

All criminal charges in Louisiana must be taken seriously because they all carry harsh penalties. If you are facing criminal charges for a white collar crime, you should get to work on your defense right away because these cases often include complex elements that will require time to address.

When are searches legal under the Fourth Amendment?

People in the United States have very specific rights that are set forth by the United States Constitution. One of the specific rights that people have is the right to privacy that is based on the Fourth Amendment. While some people might think that this gives them carte blache for all things, that isn't the case.

Learn your options for presenting a defense in Louisiana

The laws in Louisiana criminal justice system are harsh. When you are facing charges here, you must learn about your options for presenting a defense. You can't go into a criminal justice case and just "wing it." You have to have a carefully planned defense strategy that accurately shows your side of the story.

Harsh penalites are possible for cocaine conviction in Louisiana

Cocaine charges in Louisiana can land you in the state prison system if you are convicted. These charges have very harsh penalties, some of which include the possibility of being sentenced to hard labor. Even a simple possession charge has very harsh penalties in this state. Because of the violence that is associated with cocaine, the state has really cracked on down on charges related to this drug.

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