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What are the penalties for under age drunk driving in Louisiana?

The penalty for under-age driving under the influence is stiff in Louisiana. If you are stopped while driving and you register a .02 on the breathalyzer, and you are under the age of accountability, 21, you will be charged with a DUI. You need to be careful about drinking and driving at any age, but especially if you are not legally old enough to be imbibing.

For your first DUI conviction (under the age of 21), you will be fined anywhere from $100 to $250. You may go to jail for a period from 10 days to three months. If you are lucky, you will only get probation for a year. If you do get probation there are certain things that must happen:

You have to enter into a court-approved community service activity and half of that time must be on picking up trash on the roadways.

You may have to enter into a court-approved substance and alcohol abuse program that includes driver improvement training.

If you are on your second DUI and you are still underage, your fine will be upped to between $250 and $500. Jail time is increased, as well. You must serve between 30 days and six months. You also may be required to serve under probation. The penalties for probation are as follows:

You must serve 48 hours in jail, no matter what.

You must do 80 hours of community service that the court approves of. Half of this time, or 40 hours, must be spent picking up litter.

You must enter into a substance abuse rehabilitation program.

You have to enter into a driver improvement program.

If you have qualified legal counsel, the penalties may be mitigated.

Source: Louisiana Statutes, "L.S. R.S. 14:98.6," accessed Jan. 11, 2016

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