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Blood alcohol testing and the rules that go along with it

In Louisiana, it is a crime to drive a vehicle under the influence of alcohol. If a person's blood alcohol content, or BAC, is .08 or higher, he or she may be detained as driving while intoxicated, or DWI. If the driver of the vehicle cannot safely operate the car or truck that he or she is driving because of impairment due to drinking before driving, this person will be arrested if caught.

Criminal charges can be serious

Have you been arrested for a crime that will result in a misdemeanor or felony charge? This can have a hugely negative effect on your life. Not only can you lose your current job, you can lose prospects for future jobs that require a level one or level two background screening. Level one is a statewide screening, while a level two screening is nationwide. Many more opportunities can be affected by this type of background check, such as renting a home.

What happens when I am arrested on drug charges?

Facing drug charges in Louisiana can be frightening. You may not have known that your friend had drugs on him when he got in your car. You may not have realized that he stashed it under the seat either. It is a crime to carry non-prescribed drugs on you, have them in your car or in your home. Such drugs as marijuana, cocaine, LSD, heroin and other drugs qualify for this designation of illegal drugs. Did you know it is also illegal to have paraphernalia on you?

Penalties for misdemeanors no laughing matter

Getting arrested on a misdemeanor charge may not seem so bad; however, it can lead to a smear on your record and could prevent you from getting any job that requires a level two background screening. A misdemeanor is a less serious charge than a felony and is more serious than an infraction of the law.

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