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Tax fraud in white collar crime bust in Louisiana

Being charged with a white collar crime can be frightening. You can lose your job, your friends begin to avoid you, and your relationships are distant. Not only this, but you could end up in jail or prison for a long stay. You may have to re-pay what the court agrees that you took, even if you didn't do it. Filing fraudulent tax claims is what one couple is being charged with in Louisiana.

The married couple is from Lafayette, Louisiana, and both have been put in jail. A series of arrests have been made in an investigation that saw dozens of people accused of allegedly filing millions of dollars worth of fraudulent tax returns. Can you imagine getting caught up in this and being charged and put in jail?

The 64-year-old man and the 57-yer-old woman reside on Kingswood Drive in Lafayette, Louisiana. They have been accused of allegedly filing fraudulent income tax returns through the business that they own locally. This business is used by hundreds of people and has been in the area for a number of years. The total amount of the alleged fraudulent filings reached a maximum of $226,000.

The Louisiana Attorney General states that the couple submitted state tax returns with fabricated business losses for customers who had not had any losses at all and, in lots of cases, allegedly did not own a business at all.

The couple also is being charged with filing a return for their own business that claimed they had lost money. This was not verifiable. The man was booked on allegedly committing five counts of computer fraud and filing or maintaining false public records. The woman was booked on 11 counts of allegedly committing computer fraud and filling or maintaining false public records. They are both still in jail and have not posted bond yet.

Source: The Advocate, "Louisiana sees first major ‘synthetic identity’ fraud in Baton Rouge case, Louisiana AG says," Maya Lau, Oct. 10, 2015

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