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Louisiana drug laws

The authorities in the state of Louisiana have strict laws that they must follow regarding drug charges. While drinking alcohol in public is acceptable, cocaine use is against the law. Law enforcement will take action against you if they believe that you have been taking or selling this drug. Drug crimes are a huge problem in this state and the police recognize this. They realize that drug addiction is serious, and they try to strike a balance between punishment and rehabilitation.

Having an attorney that will defend you if you are charged with drug trafficking or possession can be a huge weight off your shoulders. Both forms of cocaine -- crack and powdered --- are heavily used and sold in this state. This state has battled the use of this drug for a long time. Because it became more violent to sell and use this drug since the crack cocaine form became popular, Louisiana has invoked great penalties against those who distribute and use cocaine in any form.

You can be put in jail and fined for your usage or sale of cocaine. Even if you have a small amount, you can be required to serve five years in prison and be fined $5,000. For an amount over 28 grams, you may be charge with as much as 60 years in prison and may be made to pay a $50,000 to $150,000 fine. This is time out of your life that can affect your relationships, your job prospects and your outlook on life in general. What may play in your favor is if you are a first-time offender. Many times, rehabilitation will be the ruling of the court if this is your first offense. Your attorney can provide more information about the penalties for cocaine possession.

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