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Commercial driver's license can be revoked for drunk driving

Did you know that you can have your commercial motor vehicle license revoked or suspended if you are caught driving while intoxicated? It is important to keep everyone safe on the road and this is one way to do it. The Federal Motor Safety Administration ensures that Louisiana has complied with, along with other states and even other countries. If you are caught in a DWI situation in a state or country that complies with the rules of the Federal Motor Safety Administration, you will suffer just as if you had committed the offense in Louisiana.

There is some recourse you can take, though. You can apply for a forbearance that allows for you to get your commercial driver's license back after a period of 10 years if you don't have any subsequent charges. Getting an attorney involved who is familiar with these laws can really help at a time like this.

Unfortunately, if you are looking for a hardship license, you are out of luck. There is no recourse for this. However, your attorney can appeal the decision in a court of law and can get your license reinstated if the evidence is compelling enough. You need to know that this revocation will be a part of your official driving record, though, and will affect your employment status if you are a commercial trucker.

The driver's license that is suspended does not affect your ability to drive your car, only a commercial vehicle. You can apply for a renewal of your class "D" or "E" driver's license. "D" licenses are chauffeur's licenses, while "E' licenses are a regular car or truck driver's license.

Having a blood alcohol content of .08 or more is the threshold that the authorities have in place. If you have more than two times the legal limit, the penalties get more and more severe. You can be fined, serve jail time as well as losing your license. Getting an attorney involved early can make a big difference.

Source: Louisiana State Legislature, "RS 32:414.2," accessed Oct. 16, 2015

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