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October 2015 Archives

Can a traffic ticket bring a misdemeanor charge?

Being brought to court over a misdemeanor can involve something as simple as a traffic ticket. You can fight this charge in court with the help of a good attorney. Do you want this charge dropped? You definitely don't want it on your record because some employers demand a level two background screening and this will show up. It could affect your ability to be gainfully employed.

Tax fraud in white collar crime bust in Louisiana

Being charged with a white collar crime can be frightening. You can lose your job, your friends begin to avoid you, and your relationships are distant. Not only this, but you could end up in jail or prison for a long stay. You may have to re-pay what the court agrees that you took, even if you didn't do it. Filing fraudulent tax claims is what one couple is being charged with in Louisiana.

Commercial driver's license can be revoked for drunk driving

Did you know that you can have your commercial motor vehicle license revoked or suspended if you are caught driving while intoxicated? It is important to keep everyone safe on the road and this is one way to do it. The Federal Motor Safety Administration ensures that Louisiana has complied with, along with other states and even other countries. If you are caught in a DWI situation in a state or country that complies with the rules of the Federal Motor Safety Administration, you will suffer just as if you had committed the offense in Louisiana.

Louisiana drug laws

The authorities in the state of Louisiana have strict laws that they must follow regarding drug charges. While drinking alcohol in public is acceptable, cocaine use is against the law. Law enforcement will take action against you if they believe that you have been taking or selling this drug. Drug crimes are a huge problem in this state and the police recognize this. They realize that drug addiction is serious, and they try to strike a balance between punishment and rehabilitation.

Drunk driving charges don't have to stick

In Louisiana, you can face severe penalties for driving under the influence or driving while intoxicated. You may go to jail for a time, pay a fine, have your license suspended or a combination of the three. Our law office, Steve LeBlanc LTD, has over 40 years of experience in dealing with drunk driving or driving under the influence charges.

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