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Strong defense needed when criminal charges are brought

If you are accused of drunk driving, you know what a stigma that can be. You are generally a law-abiding citizen however it only takes one stop by the authorities and a .08 blood alcohol content to put you on the wrong end of the law. There are other criminal charges too, that can ruin your reputation.

If you or a loved one are accused of a felony or misdemeanor, no matter if it is drunk driving, possession of a controlled substance or a violent crime, you can count on defense attorney Steve LeBlanc to listen to your side of the story and enter a strong defense on your behalf.

There are so many factors that the prosecutor must prove in order to get you put in jail or fined. If you are accused of drunk driving, was the breath test administered by a trained and documented police officer? Was the chain of evidence completely unbroken? These and other questions can sometimes get your charge mitigated or dropped.

If the charge is due to drug possession, the questions need to be something to do with illegal search and seizure. Perhaps the police didn't have your permission to search your home or car. If you left drugs in plain view of the authorities, they can then search your vehicle or home, however, if they didn't, the search may be illegal. This may help you and your lawyer get the charges thrown out.

Violent crimes require a strong trial lawyer and someone who has a good working relationship with judges and other attorneys in Louisiana. We have the know-how to see your case through to a good ending, and can even help on appeals, if necessary.

Doing in-depth research is a good idea before choosing an attorney to represent you. Our website offers many testimonials and more information about our law firm.

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