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Drug charges may not lead to jail time in Louisiana

Getting a drug charge on your record can really be a blight. You can be denied access to certain employment and lose the togetherness of friendship and your personal relationships can become distrustful.

Being a part of the party scene can be so much fun. If you live in Louisiana, you know that people come to this state to party. There are football games, the French Quarter in New Orleans, Louisiana, and many other party places around this state. While drinking in the public is considered inside of the law, taking drugs, such as cocaine, is way outside the law and is frowned on by the authorities.

You can become addicted to this drug and can face some pretty serious charges if you are caught with this drug on your body. Section 40:961 outlines the penalties. You can be jailed for five years and have a fine of up to $5,000 if you are caught with under 28 grams of this drug.

Additionally, you can be put in prison for 10-60 years and pay from $50,000 to $150,000 for having anywhere from 28-200 grams in your possession.

Sounds bad, doesn't it? Well, there are attorneys in this state that can fight for your freedom. This individual will follow the chain of evidence to see if it has been unlawfully broken at any time. This may get your charges dropped. This professional will also do his or her best to discredit the search and seizure of the drugs they found.

Knowing your rights is empowering. Knowing that someone who has experience in fighting this type of charge may literally mean the difference between your being incarcerated and going free. You will want to choose wisely.

Source: FindLaw, "Louisiana Cocaine Laws," accessed Aug. 10, 2015

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