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Crime of credit card skimming against 6 in Louisiana

Getting accused of a white collar crime is serious. You can suffer alienation from your family, your friends may ostracize you and you could even lose your job. If the authorities have evidence of this crime, you may end up serving time in jail and paying a hefty fine.

Six people were accused of installing skimming devices at a Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, gasoline station. Skimming devices are used to steal credit and debit card numbers and passwords in order to purchase items at stores and online.

The media reports that none of the alleged thieves are cooperating with the authorities and are not answering any questions. This may be the best idea if you or a loved one are facing an accusation of white collar crime. Refusing to answer questions and hiring an attorney are the first two things that you need to do.

Of course, when the authorities are questioning you, they may have evidence of the alleged crime. This is the case for the six accused people in Louisiana. The store clerk did a check on pumps at the store and found the skimmers attached. He called the police who discovered the people, during a stake-out, allegedly getting the information from the skimmers after the store had closed.

They also found credit and gift cards in the van the six were driving and found the machine to create the cards in a motel room.

The charges against these people are daunting. 58 counts of monetary instrument abuse for one person; 98 counts of monetary instrument abuse for the other five. These are difficult to fight, but a good legal representative will know how to make sure your rights are intact throughout the process.

A good attorney will question the validity of the search warrant used, follow the evidence trail and do his or her best to mitigate the charges.

Source: The Times-Picayune, "6 Florida residents booked in Harahan credit card skimmer scheme," Paul Purpura, NOLA.com, Aug. 03, 2015

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