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Strong defense needed when criminal charges are brought

If you are accused of drunk driving, you know what a stigma that can be. You are generally a law-abiding citizen however it only takes one stop by the authorities and a .08 blood alcohol content to put you on the wrong end of the law. There are other criminal charges too, that can ruin your reputation.

What do the police do when stopping someone for drunk driving?

When you are driving under the influence of alcohol, you may be stopped and have a field sobriety test done by the local police. This test, if failed, leads to other, more exact methods of testing. If you are caught and you think you may be over the limit of .08 blood alcohol content, you need to be cooperative and do your best not to say too much at this point. Some of the testing can be rigorous, but trying to complete these with a good attitude will go a long way when you finally get to talk to your attorney.

Crime of credit card skimming against 6 in Louisiana

Getting accused of a white collar crime is serious. You can suffer alienation from your family, your friends may ostracize you and you could even lose your job. If the authorities have evidence of this crime, you may end up serving time in jail and paying a hefty fine.

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