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Attorney needed when charged with drunk driving

When you are driving and you have been drinking, the state of Louisiana takes this very seriously. If you are stopped they will ask you to take a "Breathalyzer" test to see if you are over the limit. The limit is .08 for anyone over 21 years of age. These Breathalyzers are not always accurate so you may want to have an experienced attorney by your side to help prove this.

The most common type of Breathalyzer is one that you blow into for certain period of time. This will register a blood alcohol content or BAC. This evidence is generally very strong on the state's behalf and can be tricky to mitigate. Again, Breathalyzer machines are not infallible. They can read the wrong result if they are not properly maintained and calibrated often.

The authorities must provide evidence that the machine was in proper working order when the test was administered. Although it may seem to you that there is no way out of a drunk driving charge, remember that a lawyer who has done this type of case before can be valuable at a time like this.

Many DUI defendants have successfully challenged the Breathalyzer evidence brought against them and this has seriously damaged the prosecutor's case.

A Breathalyzer needs to be calibrated pretty often. Of course, it depends on the guidelines. The device has to be on the list of acceptable machines that are recognized by the state of Louisiana. The person administering the test must be certified. The device has to have been maintained properly. The person giving the test must ensure that the person taking the test doesn't burp, regurgitate, chew, or smoke shortly prior to the test.

The law office of Steven LeBlanc has over 40 years of experience in dealing with drunk driving accusations. This type of charge can ruin your life. It can cause you to lose your job, your friends and even your family. You could face jail time, fines or loss of your license. We take this very seriously and will fight to ensure that your rights are heeded.

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