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Attorney needed to present truth in criminal defense

The law office of Steve LaBlanc has been defending clients since 1973. We have the experience needed to assist you in your defense if you have been accused and charged with a crime. Whether you have been accused of a misdemeanor or a felony, you can count on this office to help you understand your options.

We will clearly explain the whole process to you in words that make sense, not a lot of legal jargon. We have your best interests in mind.

A good defense begins with discovering what the prosecution is planning on doing. Each case is different and a particular criminal defense strategy will need to be unique to each case.

For instance, if the prosecutor says that the story line includes the defendant being at the scene of the crime, the defense attorney will ask questions that lay out a different story that puts the defendant at another location. This is just one strategy that the team at the law office of Steve LaBlanc will use. We have what it takes to lead a good defense for you.

You have to understand that the job of the defense isn't to make up stories that put you at a different place, but to show you are innocent. Our attorneys encourage you to be open and honest with them so they can present the best defense on your behalf.

The truth that you as the defendant see is not the same truth that the prosecutor will present. There are often multiple versions of the truth that exist during a criminal prosecution. Making sure that yours is told is important to us.

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