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Woman found murdered in Louisiana

A Baton Rouge, Louisiana, woman disappeared in April of this year. No real evidence appeared and then suddenly, the authorities got a break. Over a weekend, the police found the woman's body buried in a shallow grave in a wooded and rural area approximately an hour's drive north of Baton Rouge.

Her husband and three men are accused of abducting, killing and burying the woman. The three men each allegedly collected $10,000 for the work done.

Through a search of one of the men's cellphones, the police found that he had been located at the woman's residence, then at the place where her car was abandoned, and again where she was buried.

While this may seem like truly damning evidence, it is still circumstantial and the burden of proof must be met before the three men and the husband of the woman who perished are convicted.

Phone records again were used to show that the man called the woman's husband a few hours after she disappeared. The same records allegedly show that the man went to the husband's home after the woman's disappearance.

She was found wrapped in a blanket that was in her home. Her car, a Jaguar sedan was burned up and was on a road that was in the middle of a group of farm fields north of Baton Rouge.

The sheriff's office did not disclose how they found the woman's body but did say that it was found in St. Helena Parish. He indicated the discovery started with cellphone records.

Criminal charges are not something that anyone wants to have to go up against. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty and having a legal team can give you a chance to tell your story and to mitigate the charges, or even have them dropped.

Source: The Advocate, "How big break came: Extraordinary turn of events led detectives to Taherah Ghassemi’s body, 4 suspectscts," Ben Wallace and Steve Hardy, May. 19, 2015

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