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Getting attorney involved for drug charges is important

Getting caught with illegal drugs on you in Louisiana can lead to a heavy drug charge. Louisiana is considered a true party state by outsiders, however those living there also see the negative side to drug usage and trafficking. Drinking outside a club on the street is normal in some areas of the state. However, drug usage, including cocaine use is not acceptable by the authorities.

This is a major topic lately because the people who are trafficking in these drugs are becoming more and more territorial and violence is occurring more often now. Although this battle against drug usage has gone on for years, the trafficking problem has reared its ugly head and it has caused some to be charged with drug usage when they are totally innocent.

What happens when you are only a by-stander who is merely in the vicinity of those who are using cocaine or other drugs? You may be pulled in as well when you had nothing to do with it.

The law office of Steve LeBlanc, LTD, has defended clients who were charged with drug crimes since 1973. He has the knowledge of state law and knows the ins-and-outs of getting charges mitigated. He will find weaknesses in the case of the prosecutor and will take advantage of these findings on your behalf.

Did the officers have a reason to suspect that you had drugs? Did they have the needed search warrant? Did they have the right to seize your property? If you answered "no" to these questions then you may have your charges dropped.

All types of drug charges can be held against you. Everything from possession, intent to sell, distributing and even manufacturing. If you have these or other charges against you or a loved one, Steve Leblanc, LTD, is the attorney that can help.

Being able to challenge charges is this attorney's strong point. No matter what drugs are found, marijuana, cocaine or crack, methamphetamines or even prescription drugs, this attorney will ask the right questions of the prosecutor.

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