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May 2015 Archives

Woman found murdered in Louisiana

A Baton Rouge, Louisiana, woman disappeared in April of this year. No real evidence appeared and then suddenly, the authorities got a break. Over a weekend, the police found the woman's body buried in a shallow grave in a wooded and rural area approximately an hour's drive north of Baton Rouge.

Getting attorney involved for drug charges is important

Getting caught with illegal drugs on you in Louisiana can lead to a heavy drug charge. Louisiana is considered a true party state by outsiders, however those living there also see the negative side to drug usage and trafficking. Drinking outside a club on the street is normal in some areas of the state. However, drug usage, including cocaine use is not acceptable by the authorities.

Louisiana crime boss and mother charged in criminal case

Being accused of a crime in Louisiana means that the higher the profile, the more the media is going to report on it. This doesn't make you guilty, but it does mean you may be tried in the court of public opinion. You can lose your job, your health from worry and even your family. That is exactly what happened to one man who is accused of being a crime boss in Central City, Louisiana.

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