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Drunk driving in Louisiana will lead to fines, jail time

Driving drunk in Louisiana can lead to a mark on your reputation. The Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles says that there are several types of violations.

Driving while intoxicated or a negligent injury charge stays on your record for 10 years. That is a long time and, when you need a background screening for a new job, this charge may make your employer decide not to hire you.

The fines that go along with these charges can be expensive. For a first offense, it costs $1,000. A second offense is $1,000 and a third offense will cost you $2,000 in fines, court costs and attorney fees. If you are caught a fourth time the fine is $5,000. Pretty expensive!

For a first DWI offense, you have a criminal record, up to six months in jail, a 90 day suspension on your driver's license if you are over 21, 180 days if your are over 21.

The second offense is up to six months in jail with a mandatory 48 hours in jail. You also lose your driving privileges for a year. This state means business when it comes to drunk driving.

The third offense will get you one to five years in prison with a mandatory 30 days in jail. You may have your vehicle seized and you can't drive for two long years.

Other major traffic violations that cause a suspension of your license stay on your record for five years from the date of your conviction. Five years is too much to think about when dealing with a charge on your record.

Minor offenses only stay on your record for three years. That almost sounds good when you see the other convictions next to it.

Being informed is valuable because it may make you think twice before you get behind the wheel of a car and drive under the influence.

Source: CarInsurance.com, "How long does a DWI conviction stay on your record in Louisiana.," accessed April. 08, 2015

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