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Drunk driving charges can be mitigated

Getting a drunk driving accusation made against you has many repercussions. It can affect your reputation, affect your employment status and can even cause a rift in your relationships. There may be prison or jail time and stiff fines. Calling someone in who has many years' experience may be a good way to get the charges mitigated.

When you are caught driving under the influence of alcohol, there is usually a breath alcohol test administered at the scene. This test tells the authorities how much alcohol is in your blood by giving a measurement using your breath. You blow into an apparatus and it gives a fairly accurate reading.

There are several brands of breath alcohol testing devices. It can be electronic or manual, depending on the way it is made.

One common tester is to have you blow into a balloon continuously until it is completely full. Then the air you blew in is released into a glass tube. The yellow crystals in the tube turn to green depending on the amount of alcohol in your blood and breath. It is easy and will cause no discomfort when done correctly.

The test will be able to read your alcohol content within 15 minutes of drinking. You can easily see that the authorities are not playing around. If they catch you, you will be penalized.

Your blood alcohol content (BAC) is what is measured in this breath test. If your BAC is .02 - .03 percent you will feel a relaxing high feeling. From .05 to .10 percent your muscle coordination will be effected and you will have a slow reaction time. It can impair your judgment, hence the decision to drive while under the influence.

Performing community service and attending victim impact seminars, as directed by your legal representation, can possibly get your jail time reduced.

Knowing the ins and outs of a breath test is important because you need to ensure that you perform the test correctly so that, if you aren't under the influence and only .02 - .07 percent, you can walk away.

Source: MedlinePlus, "Breath alcohol test," accessed April. 15, 2015

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