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March 2015 Archives

Baton Rouge dad confesses to shooting teen son in quarrel

A recent argument between a Baton Rouge father and son ended with the parent's arrest. The 18-year-old teen's mother contacted police after her son was shot as he fled from the family's home. According to allegations by police, the father fired at his son several times following a quarrel about orange juice.

Expunging records of Louisiana arrests and convictions

Many convicted Baton Rouge defendants feel that once sentencing terms have been satisfied, they are free to move forward with their lives. Defendants quickly learn paying a debt to society can include long-term consequences. A criminal history outlasts time in prison, paid fines and completed probation.

Louisiana rally calls for legal reform, pardon of drug offender

Louisiana marijuana legislation is in a confused state of transition. The Times-Picayune reported last month some legislators are drafting proposals to try to fix a toothless law that permits marijuana use for medical reasons but forbids all distribution of the drug. No wonder it's hard to interpret how serious some drug charges are!

Taking Louisiana misdemeanor charges seriously

Louisiana law defines felonies as crimes punishable by prison time or death. The state's legal definitions of crimes are simple: all offenses not classified as felonies are misdemeanors. Misdemeanor sentences may include fines, probation and sometimes jail but not time in state prison.

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