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February 2015 Archives

What does the drug charge ‘intent to distribute’ mean?

Dealing drugs is a more serious crime than possessing illegal drugs for personal use. Any drug charge has the potential to be harmful to a Baton Rouge defendant. However, "intent to distribute" alleges the defendant meant to sell or sold drugs in his or her possession.

How do Louisiana defendants challenge money laundering charges?

A Baton Rouge defendant may be involved in a crime without knowing it. For instance, a banker or accountant moves money under the instructions of a customer or employer. Ordering a transaction to take place doesn't require an owner or employer to explain why the transfer is occurring.

Mardis Gras krewe king crowned with criminal charge

Louisiana defendants may feel convicted the moment they are arrested. It's highly stressful to navigate the legal process while facing criminal charges. However, proof of allegations rests in evidence, testimony and a jury's certainty or uncertainty of guilt.

How a Louisiana DUI arrest or conviction can change your life

The impact of alcohol-related crimes has gained widespread public attention, influencing decisions by state legislatures across the country, including lawmakers in Louisiana. Society no longer takes DUI charges or convictions lightly.

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