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December 2014 Archives

Classifications of crimes in Louisiana

It sounds awkward, but it makes sense. The dividing line between misdemeanors and felonies in Louisiana is any crime that is not a felony is a misdemeanor. The state's definition for a felony is a crime that warrants a sentence of imprisonment at hard labor or death.

How the criminal legal process works in East Baton Rouge Parish

How do most people find out how the criminal process works? Some people may pick up ideas from television shows and movies, but fictional crime dramas aren't reliable sources. Unfortunately, many individuals learn about the legal process by going through it.

Consequences of alcohol use and a Louisiana DWI conviction

Understanding alcohol's effects can help Baton Rouge drivers make informed choices about getting behind the wheel of a car. Many drivers, who honestly believe they handle alcohol better than others, end up facing unexpected drunk driving charges. Ask an attorney or a defendant facing DWI charges: you don't want a criminal record or any other, very unpleasant consequences that follow a conviction.

Are all defendants facing drug charges eligible for drug court?

Defendants must qualify to participate in Louisiana drug court programs. Participants are largely first-time offenders, who have not been charged with possession with intent to distribute, drug trafficking or similar charges. A criminal record with a conviction for a violent crime is an immediate disqualifier.

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