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November 2014 Archives

Louisiana white collar crime probe turns up tax issues

Defendants often don't feel like they have options, especially when they are accused of crimes by federal agents and prosecutors. Criminal defense attorneys protect defendants' rights and know the legal strategies that work. Understanding the legal problems you face can be the first step toward overcoming them.

Louisiana councilman charged with influence 'pedaling'

The more high-profile an individual is the more damaging criminal charges can be. A misdemeanor may seem like a slap on the wrist compared to a felony. However, Louisiana misdemeanor charges are a problem that may include penalties like jail time, fines and reputation and job damage.

Can a misdemeanor be expunged in Louisiana?

Easy access to public records allows employers, educational institutions, government agencies, lenders and landlords to learn a lot about you. You may be turned down for a job, college admission, government aid, a loan or even a place to live if you have a criminal history. Fortunately, expungement means some Louisiana residents don't have to be penalized for the past.

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