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Benefits of early legal advice for white collar crime defendants

Louisiana and federal courts try defendants charged with financial crimes. The governments' power to investigate, prosecute and punish individuals for white collar crime charges is extensive and for defendants, unnerving. Identity theft, embezzlement and fraud charges can lead to punishments like long-term imprisonment, immense fines, restitution and forfeiture of assets.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation devotes enormous resources to fighting white collar crimes, particularly those involving taxpayer money. Between 2008 and 2013, the agency had a hand in over 1,600 identity theft convictions. The government ordered defendants to turn over $90 billion through fines, restitution and recoveries.

A Baton Rouge defendant reviewing the government's prosecutorial success may feel he or she has little or no chance to be cleared of charges. Investigators have as much time as is needed to find evidence of wrongdoing. Defendants often have considerably less time and far fewer resources to show the government's accusations are wrong, but that doesn't mean the task is impossible.

White collar criminal defense attorneys understand the potential consequences clients face. The earlier an individual enlists the help of a lawyer, the better the chances are that unfair or inaccurate charges can be dismissed or reduced. You don't have to be charged with a serious crime to ask for an attorney's help.

In many instances, individuals become aware of government interest in their personal or business activities, before being charged with financial misconduct. This is the time to seek legal help. You may lose the opportunity to have the matter resolved if you wait until charges are filed.

Criminal defense lawyers anticipate problems like prosecutorial misconduct and constitutional violations that deny defendants a right to a fair trial. Defendants easily can forget their rights under the stress of being accused of a crime and the threat of severe punishment. Attorneys simultaneously protect and defend accused parties from the time charges are indicated through case resolution.

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