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October 2014 Archives

Blood alcohol charges change with age in Louisiana

The measurement of the amount of alcohol in your blood is known as your blood alcohol concentration. This is most commonly referred to simply as your BAC. There are a few different ways that officers can test for this if they so desire -- perhaps after you have failed field sobriety tests, for instance, and they believe that you are under the influence.

Louisiana defendant admits theft, disputes embezzlement amount

The Louisiana law named theft by misappropriation without violence is also known by another name. Embezzlement is a white collar crime that falls in this theft category. The value of a stolen asset is the primary factor in determining the punishment for a conviction.

An alternative for Baton Rouge defendants facing drug charges

The Louisiana legal process does not move in a straight line from arrest to case resolution. Sometimes defendants have options. Courts realize outcomes for some Baton Rouge defendants can be positive, when individuals are given a chance to avoid criminal penalties through rehabilitation programs.

Benefits of early legal advice for white collar crime defendants

Louisiana and federal courts try defendants charged with financial crimes. The governments' power to investigate, prosecute and punish individuals for white collar crime charges is extensive and for defendants, unnerving. Identity theft, embezzlement and fraud charges can lead to punishments like long-term imprisonment, immense fines, restitution and forfeiture of assets.

How are Louisiana defendants affected by different laws?

Procedural laws form the framework for how the legal process works in Louisiana criminal and civil courts. The rules differ from state to state, one jurisdiction to another and sometimes among courts in the same jurisdiction. At the same time, rule variations in lowers courts may not violate constitutional laws.

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